Inclusive ECE

Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program (2020-24)

IELCCP/IEEEP projects are funded by the California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD) & Special Education Division (SED)

The purpose of IELCCP and IEEEP or Inclusive ECE (IECE) is to increase access, participation, and support of children with moderate to severe disabilities in early learning settings through training, team simulated professional development, intensive individualized coaching, digital resource library, facilities infrastructure improvements, and mobile services.  These efforts are overseen by a consortium of stakeholders to ensure project success. These grants are delivered through an interdisciplinary team of professionals.  LACOE is committed to making a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable children by bringing attention to issues that limit enrollment of children with moderate to severe disabilities in early education settings. To increase enrollment of children with a broad range of disabilities into Early Learning and Care (ELC) settings, LACOE will implement a six-pronged approach under the guidance of an advisory group that builds ELC infrastructure and staff capacity over four years (2020-24).

IEEEP Leadership Team:

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The leadership team will be charged with providing valuable input and resources to support the ongoing efforts of inclusion in early learning and care (ELC) settings with representatives from HS/EHS delegate agencies, LEAs, Regional Centers and a host of other early education providers. The desired outcomes of the leadership team is to increase access and rates of enrollment of children representing a broad range of moderate to severe disabilities.  

The six-pronges are listed below:

Competency-Based Training and Technical Support:

LACOE Institutes Calendar

1. LACOE IECE Training Institutes:
Flexible training options will be offered through regionalized trainings aligned to the CDE Early Educators Competencies, HS Performance Standards and Title V Requirements through a combination of in-person/on-site and virtual options to ensure maximum participation.


Practice Based Simulated Team Coaching

2. Simulated Team Coaching:
LACOE will provide simulated team coaching in-person/on-site or virtually to include face-to-face direct consultation, follow-ups, modeling effective multidisciplinary information sharing, and simulations to experience real-life situations.


Practice Based Individualized Coaching

3. Intensive Individualized Coaching:
LACOE will provide intensive individualized coaching (virtually or in person) to high priority teaching teams to improve staff knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet the complex needs of children with a broad range of disabilities in early learning settings.


Public and Digital Resources:


Infrastructure Development and Adaptive Equipment:

Digital Resource Library


Inclusive Infrastructure

4. Digital Resource Library: is a webpage full of resources developed under IELCCP that will be maintained and enhanced for consortium that will include a myriad of resources, such as downloadable competency-based training modules, professional development opportunities, key organizational contacts, available county resources, courses or certifications specific to inclusion for very young children, and much more.


5. Inclusive Infrastructure:
Facility renovations, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment beneficial to children with moderate to severe disabilities will be combined with technical support from the IECE team to our consortium partners.

Mobile Services:

Hope on Wheels

6. Hope on Wheels:
In collaboration with the 7 Regional Centers in LA county, Hope on Wheels mobile services will provide parents with examples of resources found in high-quality inclusive settings in order to build their knowledge of their child's specific support needs. IECE believes this effort will foster stronger partnerships among RCs, LEAs, and EHS/HS providers for our most vulnerable population.