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Curriculum Modification to Support All Learners

This workshop will begin with a lecture on curriculum modifications with a connection to teaching behaviors. We will conclude with a session whereby participants will practice simulated application of the curriculum modifications and teaching behaviors.

The intent of this practice is to facilitate children’s independence and prevent challenging behaviors.

Resources and References

Alignment with CA
ECE Competencies

Head Start Performance Standards

• Child Development and Learning
• Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance
• Special Needs and Inclusion
• Learning Environments and Curriculum

Part §1302 – Program Operations
Subpart C- Education and Child Development Program Services

§1302.30 Purpose
§1302.31 Teaching and learning environment
Subpart F- Additional Services for Children with Disabilities
§1302.60 Full participation in program services and activities
§1302.61 Additional services for children §1302.62 
Subpart I- Human Resources Management §1302.92 Training and professional development


InclusiveECE TSC Curriculum Modification Factsheet