ABC's and Functions of Behavior

Participants will…​

  • ​Learn the 4 functions of behavior ​
  • Understand the ABC’s to behavior and the relationship to the function of behavior ​
  • Look at scenarios to hypothesize the function of a behavior​
  • Practice taking ABC data and analyzing the data

Resources and References

Alignment with CA
ECE Competencies

Head Start Performance Standards

• Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance
• Observation, Screening, Assessment, and Documentation

Part §1302 – Program Operations
Subpart A- Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance
§1302.17 Suspension and expulsion
Subpart F- Additional Services for Children with Disabilities
§1302.61 Additional services for children 
Part §1305 Definitions
§1305.2 Terms (child with a disability, IEP, IFSP, etc.)


InclusiveECE TSC ABC's and Functions of Behavior Factsheet