To help limit the spread of COVID-19, the Los Angeles County Office of Education has closed its offices to the public. Inclusive ECE will be conducting all trainings and supports virtually until further notice. Please visit LACOE COVID-19 page for guidance and resources. 


Team Simulated Coaching and Professional Development

These trainings focus on those who are in positions to coach or mentor themselves or others.

a. Introduction to Coaching addresses the benefits of coaching, popular coaching models, and examples of coaching plans.
              Resources and References

b. Boot Camp serves as a follow-up to Introduction to Coaching. It is a series of three professional learning community sessions for coaches to build their coaching skills and a “family” of supports and resources.

c. Inclusive ECE Coaching is intended for EHS/HS program coaches and supervisors. The focus is to build a Community of Reflective Practitioners that support a common goal of building general educators’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in supporting children receiving special education and related services in early learning environments. 

d. Inclusive ECE Coaching Clinic serves as a follow-up to Inclusive ECE Coaching. The intent is to build our networking reach and share SPED knowledge, strategies, and resources.  

e. Intensive Individualized Coaching is a hybrid format of small group, center-based teachers, targeting specific behavioral, sensory, and/or orthopedic needs by training and follow-up coaching in the classroom. The prerequisite for this training is the Behavior/ Classroom Management module. 

*It is recommended that participants attend Inclusion: Philosophy and Principles, Developing a Preschool Culture to Support Inclusion, Disabilities – Early Intervention and Special Education, Behavior/Classroom Management, and Reflective Supervision trainings.‚Äč

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Alignment with CA
ECE Competencies

Head Start Performance Standards

• Special Needs and Inclusion
• Leadership in Early Childhood Education
• Professionalism
      • Adult Learning
      • Coaching

Part §1302 – Program Operations
Subpart C- Education and Child Development
Program Services

§1302.31 Teaching and the learning environment
Subpart I- Human Resources Management §1302.91 Staff qualifications and competency requirements
§1302.92 Training and professional development
Head Start Act
Sec. 648A Staff qualifications and development

Module 13a Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 13a Factsheet

Module 13b Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 13b Factsheet

Module 13c Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 13c Factsheet

Module 13e Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 13e Factsheet