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Behavior and Classroom Management

Understanding the ABC’s (antecedents, behaviors, consequences) of behavior will help ECE providers identify the function of behaviors and better understand how to meet each child’s needs. Factors that influence challenging behaviors will be explored as well as proactive strategies that can be utilized to address and prevent these behaviors. Participants will also discuss how to respond to challenging behaviors and teach replacement behaviors in young children. Behavior management methods (National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations [NCPMI]) will be shared to set the stage for a peaceful learning environment.

Resources and References

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Alignment with CA
ECE Competencies

Head Start Performance Standards

• Child Development and Learning
• Culture, Diversity, and Equity
• Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance
• Family and Community Engagement
• Observation, Screening, Assessment, and Documentation
• Special Needs and Inclusion
• Learning Environments and Curriculum
• Health, Safety, and Nutrition
• Administration and Supervision

Part §1302 – Program Operations
Subpart A- Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance
§1302.17 Suspension and expulsion
Subpart C- Education and Child Development Program Services
§1302.30 Purpose
§1302.31 Teaching and the learning environment
§1302.32 Curricula
§1302.33 Child screenings and assessments
§1302.34 Parent and family engagement in education and child development services
§1302.35 Education in home-based programs
Subpart D- Health Program Services
§1302.42 Child health status and care
§1302.45 Child mental health and social and emotional well-being
§1302.46 Family support services for health, nutrition, and mental health
Subpart I- Human Resources Management
§1302.90 Personnel policies
§1302.91 Staff qualifications and competency requirements
§1302.92 Training and professional development
Subpart J- Program Management and Quality Improvement
§1302.102 Achieving program goals
Part §1304- Federal Administrative Procedures
Subpart B- Designation Renewal

§1304.11 Basis for determining whether a Head Start agency will be subject to an open competition

Module 6 Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 6 Factsheet

InclusiveECE Module 6 Factsheet