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Reflective Supervision and Reflective Practice

a) Reflective Supervision

This training supports those who supervise early care and education staff. The reflective supervision process relies on a supervisory relationship of: reflection, collaboration, and regularity of occurrence. Participants will learn about Gibb’s Reflective Cycle, using the steps of description, feelings, evaluation, conclusions, and action as well as understand the importance of parallel process in reflective supervision.

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b) Reflective Practice

This training supports staff in early care and education. It follows the reflective practice process that explores the role of experience and how it transforms insights into practical strategies for personal growth and organizational impact. Reflective practice relies on reflecting not only about what happened but why. It encourages us to analyze different aspects of the experiences we offer to make conclusions in what should be repeated, extended, or changed.

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Alignment with CA
ECE Competencies

HS Performance Standards

a. Reflective Supervision


b.Reflective Practice

• Culture, Diversity, and Equity
• Relationships, Interactions, and Guidance
• Leadership in Early Childhood Education
• Professionalism
• Administration and Supervision

Part §1302 – Program Operations
Subpart C- Education and Child Development Program Services
§1302.31 Teaching and the learning environment
Subpart D- Health Program Services
§1302.45 Child mental health and social and emotional well-being
Subpart J- Program Management and Quality Improvement
§1302.101 Management systems

Reflective Supervision Factsheet

InclusiveECE Reflective Supervision Factsheet