Regional Training Institutes

LACOE provides a multi-tiered framework of strategies to improve and ensure inclusivity of all children in early learning settings. These efforts are embraced to maximize early learning experiences of young children and to increase access, support, and participation of children with disabilities. Our approach requires sound partnerships between parents and early childhood education staff to ensure a quality foundation for all children.

The three levels of strategies highlighted in training and technical assistance are: 

To learn more about the training modules under each strategy, click on the tier level.

Training and technical assistance focus on building staff understanding and implementing strategies for targeted groups of children at-risk and/or those with more complex needs. Tier 2 training specifically supports children with moderate to severe disabilities.

Skill-building workshops and team simulations are designed to increase access, participation, and individualized support for children with the most severe disabilities that limit children’s participation in ECE settings.

Inclusive ECE consortium partners can request training and professional development and/or technical assistance by completing and submitting the below forms.